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Mirco Marzola

Management, Sales

style isn’t a question of money – it’s an attitude
est. 1964

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Mirjam Marzola


no guts – no glory

Mira Huber

Blog, Brandportfolio & Productdesign

Please do yourself a favor. Don’t lower your standards to fit in. Don’t shrink who you are to make other people comfortable. Do find and surround yourself with people who like you just the way you are and encourage you to keep growing. (Kirsten Butler)

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Miss/Mr. Moneypenny


James Bond: You know, we’ve never formerly been introduced.
Eve: Oh? Well, my name’s Eve. Eve Moneypenny.
James Bond: Well I look forward to our time together, Miss Moneypenny.
Eve: Me too. I’m sure we’ll have one or two close shaves.

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