Alchemy Equipment - HIFI Brand
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Alchemy Equipment


“An ancient philosophy having as its asserted aims the transmutation of something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, often as a result of combining seemingly disparate objects or ideas.”

Alchemy Equipment is a New Zealand company that was created in mid 2013. We make performance driven style, with the DNA of technical outdoor products coupled with a refined, tailored finish.

While the high mountains and the high street may seem worlds apart, we started exploring how a modern lifestyle moves seamlessly between many environments, yet most products tended to be more closely defined to one or the other. We sought an alchemy that fused the seemingly disparate elements of function and style, and products that sat comfortably in both outdoor and urban environments.

Alchemy Equipment is the response to a desire for well-considered products with the functionality that performance driven technical brands promise, but in well-tailored, finely crafted apparel and luggage with a refined modern aesthetic. These are the products born from the alchemy that unifies form and function, style and substance, the technical and the tailored.


Accessoires, Bag, Clothing