Oh Yeah Berlin - HIFI Brand
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Oh Yeah Berlin

Oh Yeah! Berlin is a German fashion brand. It’s collection is centered around easy-to-wear pieces like tops and sweaters – developed in close cooperation with artists and designers around the world. This leads to a one-of-a-kind mixture of graphics, collages, photographies, painting, rock&roll aesthetics and motives taken from pop-culture.

Oh Yeah! Berlin offers four collections a year which can be found in leading boutiques and department stores.

Founder Tim Euler and Susanne Weber-Euler provide the creative signature of the brand. They are supported by a team of well-known artists, stylists, illustrators and designers.

The shirts and sweatshirts are produced in Europe, so that a fair payment for the employees and a clean production is assured. The production facilities are regularly visited by Oh Yeah!

As of now we sell in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia at over 70 Point of Sales.

The cooperating artists and designers include:
Lovisa Burfitt, one of the most successful fashion illustrators in Europe
Armin Morbach, chief editor of TUSH, a prestigious worldwide stylist and photographer
Alice, a Hamburg-based designer, art director and illustrator


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